Across these varied terroirs, all of our vineyards are worked organically. No chemical fertilizers, systemic pesticides or herbicides are used. We encompass biodynamic principles, and follow the rhythms of the lunar calendar.

The aim is to guide our vineyards towards a balance that can be sustained with low intervention. Living soils are the foundation of this and we use liquid composts to inoculate and enhance levels of microbial activity.

Cultivation on machine workable vineyards is minimal. Cover of low set native plants is both introduced and allowed to grow spontaneously. This increases and sustains a bio diverse vineyard environment. We improve vine architecture with skilled pruning, debudding and late season leaf removal where necessary. Plant teas, algae based bio-stimulants, clay and lithotamine are sprayed on the vine, reducing our need for use of sulphur and copper treatments.

Due to low levels of mechanisation, we spend a lot of time in our vineyards. Much of our viticultural work is done by hand and on foot. This enables us to closely monitor change, carefully consider and question our actions, and continually learn about our vines and their terroir.