Perfect start to the season

After the extremely dry 2016 growing season our stressed vines got what they need during winter, lots of water.

The 1000mm of rain that have fallen since vintage has allowed our vines to enter into bud burst with re-found vitality and surrounded by greenery.

The mild April temperature has prevented vigorous early growth that can result in severe cane breakage when followed by the all familiar tramontane winds off the Pyrenees

So, a very positive beginning.

Late January into early Spring is the time for  salons in Europe. This year I attended tastings in France, Switzerland and Italy. It is a vital time to taste and discuss the new vintages with importers, cavistes and sommeliers as well as many new faces . This intense period of tasting and communicating next to other vigneronnes offers time for reflection and can inspire you into the next growing season.

The current Les Clos Perdus wines that I thought were drinking particularly well during the Salon were:

Prioundo 2013 – A great expression of the cool 2013 season.  Lifted red fruit and plenty of sappy vitality.

Mire La Mer 2014 – The riper 2014 year. Primary fruit still showing while background of leather and charcuterie keep the wine well grounded. Powdery mouth filling tannins.

L’Extreme 2012 – The 2012 was a difficult year for Grenache due to an extremely poor flowering. So it is surprising how well this wine is drinking. Plenty of rustic garrigue on the nose.  Lovely balance, wet stone minerality, plenty of vitality and so easy to drink.

L’Extreme Blanc 2015 – Atypical L’Extreme Blanc due to long fermentation and extended contact with solids. Almost orange in colour. Concentrated baked apple, pear fruit and pickled ginger. Full of character and interest.